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Welcome to the Audio Post Career Accelerator! 

I'm happy you are here and taking advantage of this one-of-a-kind course!

A long time ago when I was a runner at a busy post house, one of my supervisors came up to me and told me he would teach me everything he knew. I never forgot that, and I'm here to do the same thing for you!


I actually don't like to call this platform a course! It's more like an interactive apprenticeship at a real audio post house. The lessons are designed to teach by doing. Lesson upon lesson, simulating what it would be like to be put into the mix chair! This is how I learned on the job, session after session, building the speed and creative decision making skills I needed to succeed. There truly is no other way to become good at audio post production. You become good by doing... and lots of repetition.


Ok, so here's the deal, let's not call them lessons from this point out. Since this platform is built to be like a real apprenticeship in a studio, let's call them SESSIONS!

The Sessions are grouped in sections. 5 to 7 sessions per section. Sections are made progressivly available once a week. That will give you approximately 1 day to finish each session in a section. But fear not, there is no time limit. Take your time to get each session right, you will never lose access to them.

When you work at a real facility, you don't have the ability to pick and choose your sessions, so really take your time with each one as if you have to complete it for a real client. Audio post is all about paying attention to the smallest details. Build good habits now and you'll thank me later.

What are the sessions like? Again, I created this apprenticeship to simulate what it might be like to work at a real audio post production facility. That means that the sessions will range across many different types of work. Commercials, film, sound effects editing, dialogue editing, sound design, music editing, and even some light music scoring! Not a musician? Don't worry! On many sessions I've had to add musical elements to my sound design work, and you will too!

The Mentorship Community

If you are not a member of the Audio Pro Network Mentorship Community, joining is a must and the only way to get the most out of this apprenticeship! This private network is filled with members just like you, making their way into the audio post production industry, so it's great for networking, and the network is also how we will communicate during your apprenticeship.

The link at the bottom of this page is a private invitation admitting you to the community and a private group within the community composed of only Audio Post Career Accelerator members.

If you are already a member, just sign in and you will be admitted to this private group automatically. If you are not already a member, go through the quick sign up process.

Value for the Money

Audio school can be expensive. Comparatively, the price you are paying for this curriculum is a fraction of what an audio school charges. And don't get me wrong here, I'm not knocking audio school. I know amazing audio educators and attending school is one of the best times you'll ever have in your life. The life long connections and friendships and knowledge is uncontested. But the reality is that if you can't afford audio school, you'll gain more real world experience in this apprenticeship than you ever could attain in college. In school you'll do at most, 20 or 30 projects. In this curriculum, you will feel what it's like to work for a real audio post house and do hundreds of sessions! And don't forget, I'll always be there, as well as the other mentorship platform members, for friendship and to help guide and inspire. So in a way, the mission of this platform is to simulate a college experience, but kick things up a notch as well!

Do I Need Audio School?

Even though this curriculum was designed to supplement your college education and be a bridge between school and your first job... in reality this platform can stand on its own, opening up the fun and exciting world of audio post production to those that can't afford audio school. Guess what? I never went to audio school! I learned on the job from great film editors and audio mentors... and of course trial by fire, session after session after session! And now, I'm here to mentor you and give you the experience that I had. Mentorship and on the job training was the base of my successful 30+ year career. So If I could do it that way, you can too! Commit to accepting this challenge, stick with it, and I know you'll be able to make a career in audio post.

A Note About Our Refund Policy

Ok, it’s time to get real and ask yourself if audio post production is right for you. Full disclosure here. Some of these sessions might be boring and even monotonous! On the flip side, some might be a lot of fun and very interesting! But I'll tell you right now, if you have a problem with boring, tough jobs and repetition, you might want to avoid the audio post industry. But, If you’re up for this challenging lengthy process and fully understand how much better and more employable it will make you, you’ve come to the right place!

Certificate of Completion and Reference Letter

If you are here and plan on staying, I'm gonna bet that you already understand that practice makes perfect, and I promise you that if you diligently complete this apprenticeship, you will be more than ready for a job at any audio post house in the world. Employers will be more apt to hire you too, knowing that you completed this vast curriculum I've set up for you! Upon completion I'll grant you a certificate and I will personally vouch for you as a reference. I’ll even supply you with a reference letter! And the best part? I may even be able to help you find a job by actively reaching out to studios on your behalf! No promises, but I'm sure that once things get rolling with this course, Audio Pro Network will become the best place to find new audio post talent!

Internship Credits

Through my audio post company Pure Sound Inc, I've had the pleasure of taking in several interns virtually in 2020, 2021 and 2022. It's quite possible that I might be able to arrange for you to receive internship credits for taking this apprenticeship program. If you are interested in receiving college credits, please connect me with the Chair of your school's audio program and I will see what I can do!

Ok Lets go!

It’s great to have you here,

Joe Miuccio

Founder | Audio Pro Network

At the end of this virtual apprenticeship, you will be able to confidently speak on this entire list. Stick with me!

Basic Job Description for an Audio Post Production Engineer.

As an Audio Post-Production Engineer, You Will

  • Sound editing
  • Sound design
  • Sound mixing
  • Sound cleanup and surgical audio repair
  • Syncing audio and video
  • Troubleshooting post-production interchange file issues
  • Delivery of final assets on spec and on time

As a Candidate, You Bring

  • Expertise with Avid Pro Tools, Izotope RX Advanced, Waves DSP plug-ins, Mac OS
  • Thorough understanding of post-production workflow
  • Willingness to learn the facility infrastructure and operations
  • Strong understanding of dialog editing
  • Basic knowledge of Music Theory
  • Expertise with file-based audio laybacks
  • Understanding of bit depth, sample rate, frame rate, sync
  • Ability to produce high quality audio products, quickly
  • Ability to work effectively with clients, producers, and directors
  • Music composition experience is useful, though not required
  • Strong creative understanding of storytelling through sound
  • Ability to see potential production issues and opportunities
  • Partner with editorial and management teams throughout project pipeline

Core Competencies for Audio Team Freelancers:

  • Self-motivated, bias for action­
  • Ability to take ownership of assigned projects
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Unyielding dedication to customer service and customer satisfaction
  • Strong organizational, multitasking and troubleshooting skills
  • Conducts oneself with a sense of urgency and thinks well under pressure
  • Highly responsible and reliable
  • Exhibits high attention to detail
  • Strong team player - works well in groups and collaborative environments
  • Demonstrated ability to learn quickly and adapt to high pressure scenarios
  • Ability to maintain composure around high-profile individuals
  • Develop in-depth knowledge of the project pipeline as it impacts your production

All positions will have working knowledge of the following tools and techniques:

  • Digital Signal Processing (DSP)
  • Familiarity with Large-Format Audio Consoles
  • Broadcast level standards and FCC loudness regulations
  • Gain Structure
  • Signal Flow
  • Wireless Audio Devices (RF) / Spectrum Management
  • Data Management
  • AV Routing and Embedded Audio
  • Microphone Technique

Bonus if You Have

  • Avid Pro Tools
  • Audio-Over-IP (ST2110, Audinate Dante, Ravenna)
  • Acoustics
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Digital Reference, frame rates, and clocks

Why I Created This Course

College is Great

College is a great place to learn the basics of sound, the history of sound in film, and the collaborative art of film making in general. In college you'll attain your foundation of knowledge, but unfortunately that wont be enough. Since foundations are meant to be built upon, I designed this course to help you on the next part of your journey.

Common Complaints

One of the most common complaints I hear from students and recent graduates is that they can never find audio materials to practice with. Many students will network with their peers in the industry to find short film work in the way of student films. This is great, as It shows the tenacity that it takes to move your career forward. But still, even struggling through editing a short film is not nearly enough practice. Let's remember, working in audio post is not just about movies. You can have a long career in audio for advertising, promos, video games, television and much much more. I've assembled a huge library of projects to practice on.

Complaints from Employers

Another complaint that I hear quite frequently is from my peers. My friends in the industry that own their own sound facilities and are always looking for great new talent. Their complaint revolves around having to completely train, from the ground up, new recruits from even the most prestigious of universities. New graduates may know Pro Tools very well and have completed sound on a few student films, but it's just not enough practical experience.

About this Course

My aim in this course is to recreate the experience of working in a high end audio post production facility. With each lesson you will be challenged with a completely new audio project. These projects will help you build up the skills needed to walk into any audio facility and skip the steps that young graduates usually have to endure. College graduates usually spend up to a year as a "runner". After the runner position you may be archiving media for a few years. Next if you're lucky, you might be able to do some sound editing or sit in on a mix. I designed this course to help you skip those steps.


From this point on I wont be calling this curriculum a course anymore. I will be calling it an apprenticeship. I'll be presenting you lesson after lesson in a very similar way to how I learned in my first few years in the business. But remember, I was lucky. 30 years ago, it was much easier to be given the opportunity to get right to work. Nowadays it's a bit harder and theres a lot more competition. Complete this course, take is seriously, and you'll have 10 times more skill than any other audio school graduate looking to land the same job. And what if you didn't go to school? This curriculum will still give you everything you need to enter the audio post industry and be much more desirable for employers. Lets get started!

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